WORLD RHYTHM News (Sept. 2007)

The "Ethno Pop" group 1001 Ways records CD using the voice of Mahatma Gandhi with family's blessing. The group is also to tour as part of the 30 Days of Peace.

1001 Ways is a music group lead by violinist Tobias Huber, who hails from a musical family (His Grandmother comes from the Django Reinhardt family). They are based in Switzerland but are truly about global music. The other members are vocalist Yvonne Guldimann and Hilarius Dauag (Hailing from the Philippines), who performs on the balaphone and various flutes. Together they have recorded the CD "Gandhi". It is based on musical and spiritual traditions that are thousands of years old as well as blending modern pop sounds and chill-out elements. The truly exciting aspect of the CD is the using of the actual original recording of Mahatma Gandhi's voice from his "Spiritual Message 1931" speech. This comes with the blessing of Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. This is the 1st time his voice has been used in such a manner. The sampling of phrases such as "I can see, that in midst of darkness, light exists" and "I can see, that in the midst of death, life exists" over the floating beats and swirling keyboards and flutes draws you into his message. But Tobias and 1001 Ways' mission is more than just music. The group's own dedication to the message of Gandhi is one they intertwine with their personal and professional lives. In September 2006 they launched "The Gandhi Tour", which kicked off on September 15th at the 10th Earthdance hub event in California. As a special guest Arun Gandhi was on hand. This production will include both local and international artists and will combine modern sounds with ancient tradition to create a platform where artistry and positive messages unite. This vision is set to culminate with the "30 Days of Peace: A Global call to action", which has been celebrated and observed from September 11 to October 10, 2007.

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