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World music fusion eases Monday night crowd blues
By Anjum Gill

LAHORE: A fusion of world music from five different countries was the highlight of Monday night’s events at the World Performing Arts Festival 2003.
Pakistanis Sher Miandad Qawal and Baloo Khan on the tabla, Syrain Shadi Alashoush on the oud, Swiss Tobias Huber on the violin, Philippine Hilarius Dauag on flute and drums and Cagri Yilmaz on a Turkish drum thrilled the audience at the Alhamra Cultural Complex on a pleasant evening.
Mr Miandad sang parts of famous qawalis and was well supported by the instrumentalists. The most jubilant performance was by Mr Huber, who smiled throughout.

16 November 2003

Coming together of cultures


Moreover, there were instrumentalists - Pipawoman from Taiwan, Shadi Alashoush from Syria and
Hilarius Tobias from Switzerland. All were commendable, in particular the ever-enthusiastic Hilarius
of 1001 Ways
. Saadan Peerzada's idea of an improvisation by the Swiss bandwith Hilarius on the
Ballaphon, Tobius's violin
, Shadi Alashoush's Oud on Sher Miandad's renditions
worked well on the night of the performance. The next day, another improvisation followed,
this time with guitarist and singer Steve Tallis, but somehow it couldn't recreate
the magic of the previous night

27. 10 2003

By Sarwat Ali

A modest affair

A mixture of dance, music, theatre and puppets, the 13th Performing Arts Festival by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop organised in Lahore creates immense goodwill in the cultural circuit of the world

The other performances were more reflective of the contemporary musical trends.1001 Ways Music from Switzerland combined a thousand-year-old tradition with modern avant garde elements. It explored the roots of folk music from all over Asia, Africa and Europe. The genial use of electronic sounds together with archaic acoustics instrument provided an interesting combination.


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