1001 Ways - Music Review

by Duss Rodgers (Music biz buzz)

What an interesting collage of musical sounds... 1001 Ways offers up a dish of digital vibes that oddly touched me in a hell of a funky and disturbing way. Harmonica's digital drum beats, spastic keyboards and out there vocals with enough synthetic appeal to make one wonder how it all comes together.
A vibe like no other Iíve heard in a long time, these cats offer listeners a journey through an upbeat rave and roll right into a laid back Sadeíish mellow jazz movement with flutes and a mystical radio voice to move us through the oceans of musical madness.
All in all 1001 Ways is just that... 1001 Ways to move, motivate, mellow, magnetize and when you least expect it - blast into your musical mind.
Cool to a fault, these cats are not strangers to great press having received international media coverage on BBC, the New York Post, London to Night, Forbes TV, Asian Voice, India Digest, Culture Times, Pakistan TV, Sirus Radio and theyíve had the pleasure and privilege of working with international artists like: Farafina (Real World), Fathy Salama (producer of "Egypt" for Youssou N'Dour), Omega III (producer of MadonnaÖ), Gypsy Kings, Tony Scott, Buddy Miles, Calvin Owens and more
Touring the world with their multi-media program "Ghandi" 1001 Ways had the honor of launching The Gandhi Tour at the 10th Earthdance hub event in California on September 15th 2006 with the special guest speaker Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.
Celebrating Gandhiís 100 Years of Nonviolence Movement.
Hard working and musically innovative to a fault, 1001 Ways is progressively making their musically golden path
in the international independent music world.


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